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Alliance In Motion Global shows plainly how people can thrive in an organization which is led by vision, foresight, market understanding and adaptability.

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Alliance In Motion Global

AIMed At Success

Philippines direct marketing company hits the mark.

Alliance In Motion Global (AIM Global) is a leading multilevel marketing and direct selling company with over five million distributors across the globe. Founded on the principle of changing lives through its products, proven compensation plan and charitable programs, the company has grown from a local organization established in September 2005 by an all-Filipino team, to an international enterprise.
AIM Global markets and distributes food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way USA, weight loss management products by Weider Global Nutrition, personal care and skincare whitening products, premium nutrient-enriched beverages and lifestyle products. Considered an MLM-Direct Sales giant in the Philippine networking arena, the company has 130 local business offices in the Philippines, and 19 international offices.
Although highly successful, AIM Global refuses to rest on its laurels, and instead constantly continues to innovate and create uniquely-positioned products that answer growing consumer needs and market demands. With its clear understanding of the Filipino market, mindset and culture, AIM Global offered a daily commission payout system to its distributors, which was found to have helped ease their daily financial needs. The company invested heavily in its IT infrastructure and forged a reliable bank partnership in order that its members can log in to to check on commissions anytime, anywhere, and can conveniently withdraw commissions or earnings from any ATM.
The mission of the company is to open the doors of opportunity and prosperity by empowering distributors to achieve financial independence and economic stability by maximizing the wealth of the market through AIM Global’s products and services. Members are offered six different ways to earn an income or commission. The company pays the commission on retail sales and direct referrals. The company also provides financial incentives such as match sales bonuses, unleveled and stair step commissions, royalty income and travel incentives.

AIM Global believes its competitive strengths include market credibility, innovative products, its payout system and its strong global expansion. Adapting the Blue Ocean Strategy, the company has been known to create industry firsts with its products, thus giving the company an advantage over its competitors. Understanding the needs of the market is essential in product development and packaging, so while most international MLM companies distribute in bulk packaging, AIM Global sells products that suit the needs of the Filipino market.

In order to stay relevant in all its markets, the company has learned to cater to the growing niche market of millennials, while heavily utilizing social media as a key communications tool to sustain brand presence, promote products and engage more interactively.

As an outstanding corporate citizen, AIM Global has received a citation from the Bureau of Internal Revenue as a top contributor in 2015. The company has also
been an active blood donation partner with the Philippines National Red Cross since 2010. 

Since 2008 AIM Global has visited orphanages and senior homes, held medical missions and distributed essentials to impoverished and calamity-stricken communities in far-flung areas in the Philippines. The company also partnered with international organization Operation Smile in 2015 and supported a series of surgical missions where volunteer doctors operated on cleft palate patients.

The company has conducted outreach programs in several countries in Africa since 2015. In Lagos, Nigeria, school supplies, bags of nutritional food, rice and toys were distributed to 1,000 primary and secondary students from Tokunbu Ali Primary and Secondary School on September 15, 2015 and Opebi Primary School in October 12, 2016 respectively. The Foundation also conducted outreach programs in Uganda and Kenya in 2018.

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