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“Going beyond manufacturing”

Malaysia’s AIDA Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. retains steady growth and keeps its business resilient in line with global standards.

Incorporated in 1995 in Malaysia, AIDA Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. (AEM) is a leading manufacturer of metal forming systems and is the largest AIDA global manufacturing outpost, with the brand’s history beginning over 100 years ago in Japan. AEM, specifically, specialises in the manufacturing of general purpose and high-speed ranges, and has since progressed to support AIDA’s global manufacturing strategy and plans, implementing state-of-the-art integrated manufacturing systems to ascertain the superior quality standards of AIDA products.

Revolutionising the automotive and appliance industries with its cutting-edge solutions, AEM exports its products to over 1,200 customers globally across Asia Pacific, North and South America, and Europe. It differentiates itself from competitors by offering high-precision products tailored to the specific needs of particular markets within the aforementioned industries. Staying within this niche has also enabled AEM to establish a strong foothold and build customer loyalty over the years.

Despite facing unpredictable circumstances such as geopolitical instabilities, global supply chain disruptions, and currency fluctuations, AEM has been able to retain steady growth and keep its business resilient. It does so not only by way of its unique and tailored offerings, but also through accurate forecasting and diligent inventory control as well as a sound operational strategy that enables AEM to handle various markets in a more efficient manner and consistently satisfies its customers needs.

Apart from that, the company stands superior in its lead stock program, which dramatically shortens the conventional 3 to 10 months delivery lead time to one day. AEM has also set up engineering showrooms in major markets to display its presses, where the ready stock is made available for next day delivery. On top of the presses, an extensive spare parts inventory is put in place and readily available for delivery, so as to help customers achieve minimal to zero downtime for their operations.

AEM aims to sustain its global leadership by continuing to innovate and invest in new technologies, enhance operational efficiency, and boost its efforts towards sustainability towards a greener future. In the next 10 years and in line with its commitment to sustainability, the company also aspires to become a key contributor for the development of electric vehicles (EVs), recognising the growing importance of EVs in reducing carbon emissions. It asserts that the company’s expertise in metal forming will be instrumental in the production of lightweight and durable components that are crucial for the performance and efficiency of EVs.

Internally, the company maintains robust governance in line with the AIDA Group’s management philosophy as it continues to expand its footprint and form tactical alliances with partners. In the next few years, the company also intends to shift its mission to go beyond manufacturing and place more emphasis on value creation. This involves bettering their product portfolio, reinforcing a positive employee culture, redefining service standards to better serve its customers, empowering and elevating its employees, and honing in on CSR initiatives.

While on the topic of value creation, AEM cherishes its human capital as its greatest asset and on top of numerous employee benefits offered to its workforce, learning and development is also made a key part of their roles within the company in partnership with the brand’s Japan HQ and through specialised training programs. As a company, AEM also participates in several CSR activities, such as tree planting and feeding the less fortunate during religious festivities.

As one of Asia’s Leading SMEs, the prestigious recognition validates AEM’s dedication to responsible manufacturing and sustainability while also substantiating the team’s dedication to ongoing improvement across its operations. The award further aligns with the company’s long-term vision of being a responsible corporate citizen and making a positive impact on the environment and the society.

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Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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