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Activate and Accelerate

Activate Interactive Pte Ltd’s unprecedented two-year growth catapults its prominence.

Founded in 1997, Activate Interactive Pte Ltd is a leading technology consultancy in Singapore engaged in the business of quality, cost-effective, and impactful end-to-end application development. The slew of services the business project manages involves UI/UX design, business analysis, mobile and web application development, cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud technology, and the service and maintenance of its solutions, amongst others.

The SME, which boasts a headcount of more than 200 employees, supports businesses of all sizes and types on their digital transformation journeys by eliminating roadblocks and boosting their efficiency to better serve their communities. At present, over 150 cutting-edge solutions and services have been rendered by Activate for upwards of 50 clients, comprising Singapore government agencies and enterprises. The company also aims to expand its footprint within the region to become a top technology consultancy in Southeast Asia, with a projection to achieve over 200% revenue growth from the year 2021 to 2024.

Despite rising industry competition, Activate maintains an upper hand through value-added, holistic project consultancy that involves two-way engagements and discussions. The technology consultancy is conscientious about keeping its prices competitive, offers superior in-house UI/UX design solutions and experiences, and is one of the few companies in Singapore with an advantageous matured agile software development practice.

Within the past two years, the SME achieved numerous groundbreaking milestones that attest to its accelerated growth. Besides being accredited by Amazon Web Services as a Public Sector Partner in 2021, it was named one of Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies and the Financial Times’ High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific in 2022. It also won two Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards and attained a GeBIZ EPPU Financial Grade S10 to undertake government contracts with tender capacities of over SGD30 million.

Successes aside, Activate remarks talent retention, management-level employee attraction, and fundraising as its biggest challenges. The SME prioritises employee wellness, builds a culture of learning and growth, continually strengthens its branding as an employer, and establishes professional development and growth opportunities where its employees are concerned. Meanwhile, it identifies alternative funding sources, cultivates corporate finance skills to engage investors and banks, and strategically plans and forecasts its cash flows to manage its funds properly.

With expansion being its primary focus moving forward, Activate is confident that growing larger will enhance its competitive edge, mainly through increased access to more resources, talents, and markets, which also amplifies resilience. Throughout this growth, the company aspires to maintain agility, innovation, and an unparalleled customer focus and strike the right balance between size and flexibility to create more value for its customers and continue to excel ahead of the curve.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also poised to be the cornerstone of Activate’s growth strategy, underlining its commitment to staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

 In regard to monitoring and manoeuvring evolving market demands, the SME fosters ownership internally to encourage its team to stay attuned to market trends and cultivate a culture of openness and innovation. Additionally, it continually strives to be as agile and responsive as possible through quick decision-making and established processes and ascertains a steadiness between speed with thoroughness and quality pertaining to its service to meet its customers’ needs.

The Asia’s Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) has conferred the Asia’s Most Promising SMEs award to Activate Interactive, which aims to capitalise on this reputable success to further its brand positioning, credibility, and industry reliability. The technology consultancy also intends to secure additional investments to fuel its expansion efforts and continue to retain its top talent by being an employer of choice, with an eventual goal to be listed on a recognised stock exchange.

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