Equality, diversity and empowering communities is a major part of these ACES Awards winners’ work

Corporate social responsibility is not just an afterthought in these companies’ cultures

The Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2021 has awarded three major companies for their excellent work, as well as their commitment towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability.

PT Bank Amar Indonesia bagged the Innovative Tech Companies of the Year award, while healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson was recognised as a top workplace in Asia. High-end engineering firm PT Citra Tubindo received the Community Initiative Award.

Innovative Tech Companies of the Year – PT Bank Amar Indonesia

The industry pioneer in the emerging field of financial technology, or fintech, provides technologically driven financial products and services. Having undergone a significant digital transformation after its acquisition by the Tolaram Group in 2014, it rose to become one of the country’s fintech forerunners under the watchful leadership of its president director Vishal Tulsian.

Aside from revolutionising the banking experience for customers, Bank Amar is also deeply committed to several CSR initiatives, one of which is a collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, an international non-profit organisation. 

The bank is also known for being a great workplace, with high employee satisfaction in key areas such as corporate culture, human resource management, career development, quality of life and motivation. 

Top Workplaces in Asia – Johnson & Johnson

The world’s largest healthcare company’s multi-level approach to the health of the planet, its people and its own staff makes it one of the most lauded corporations in the world. 

The Johnson & Johnson office in Singapore is home to 1,200 employees and 300 contractors. Photo: Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has always placed great importance on staff welfare, and this remains one of its core values. It not only strives to provide employees with industry-leading benefits such as parental and military leave, but is also working towards having the world’s healthiest workforce, offering its workers access to programmes and services that support personal well-being.

In addition, Johnson & Johnson is always looking at ways to tackle complex health issues, such as the cessation of smoking and preventable skin cancers. It is also trying to make its packaging easier to recycle or reuse, while increasing its use of recycled plastics and paper. The company is also powering more of its operations with renewable energy as part of its efforts towards building healthy lives and a healthy planet. 

Dr Jayanthi Desan, lead jury at the ACES Awards, says: “Johnson & Johnson stands out as a powerful world community player for its commitment to quick response in times of crisis. The Global Community Impact organisation works with partners on the frontline of care to help communities by coordinating product donations and through programmes that help communities recover, rebuild and become resilient.” 

Community Initiative Award – PT Citra Tubindo

PT Citra Tubindo is Indonesia’s top domestic manufacturer of oil country tubular goods, which are tubes used in oil and gas production. It produces various grades of the products. Ranging from standard to premium, the tubes boast high standards of quality and strong local content. 

One of PT Citra Tubindo’s community initiatives, Project Valerie, which is a programme that offers Accelerated Vocational Learning and Recruitment, contributing towards Industrial Excellence. Photo: PT Citra Tubindo

What makes Citra Tubindo so admirable is its commitment to enhancing the surroundings, striving to balance the aspects of financial gains with the community and environment. 

The company has invested in multiple CSR efforts focused on developing the local fishing communities through training and assistance, enhancing the quality of education in schools, as well as efforts to combat global warming and carbon footprint by planting a hundred trees in Batam’s botanical garden. 

Its persistent initiatives have yielded a positive impact on the surrounding communities – the recruitment of graduates from the vicinity brought about an improvement in the families’ income. Plus, its multi-skill operator programme that trains blue collar workers equips these workers with competency and qualifications. 

Citra Tubindo also takes a strong stand against any form of discrimination. Its Women at PT Citra Tubindo programme encourages more female employees to join the force, providing them with equal opportunities to hold various strategic positions within the company. 

As a result, more women are taking on managerial and director roles in key departments, defying the stigma that women cannot thrive in a male-dominated industry. 

Find out more about the ACES Awards here.

Originally published in The Business Times (November 19, 2021) https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/hub/aces-awards-2021/equality-diversity-and-empowering-communities-is-a-major-part-of-these-aces

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