CPC Corporation, Taiwan being the first flag bearer for Taiwan in the prestigious ACES Awards

Double-wins ACES Awards for Green Innovation and Asia’s Most Influential Companies

TAIPEI, Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) was awarded the Green Innovation Award and Asia’s Most Influential Companies Award at the 2019 Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Awards.

CPC Corporation, Taiwan established in 1946, its core business is in oil and gas exploration and production, procurement and imports, refining, storage and transportation, marketing and the production of petrochemical raw materials. CPC actively pursues business opportunities and investment opportunities in ASEAN countries in response to the Taiwanese government’s New Southbound policy these years. As CPC continuing to grow its impact in Asia, this recognition is particularly welcome. CPC hopes its success story shared through the ACES winners’ platform would inspire more winners from Taiwan in the coming years, thus helping to open Taiwan’s new southbound market.

CPC was honored with Green Innovation Award. This category is being introduced for the first time in the ACES 2019. Having embraced Sustainable Development into their values and policies since 2003, CPC has continually committed to actively promoting energy conservation, emissions reduction, environmental protection and ecological preservation in their corporate programs.

CPC lends practical support to Circular Economy by turning petrochemical by-products used as fuel – previously regarded as industrial waste – into value-added products, for example, soft carbon is used as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. CPC is also working on transforming conventional gas stations into smart green ones. To begin with, “Energy Capacity” is using clean energy such as Natural Gas and Solar PV to generate green power. Secondly, “Energy Storage” is a concept of using Second Life Battery as energy storage facilities. Lastly, “Energy Use” is a business model that gas stations providing services of oil filling, battery charging and exchanging. Furthermore, CPC will build a big data center as a decision-making platform to improve customer service. CPC also plans to install 1,000 electric vehicle charging and battery exchange facilities in gas stations within three years.

CPC Corporation, Taiwan — To provide customers with supreme quality, reliable energy supplies and services as a key contribution to Taiwan’s economic prosperity.

Originally published in Yahoo! Finance (Oct 03, 2019)

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