4 Leaders & Companies From Indonesia, Taiwan and Laos Win Big at ACES 2023

Read how the 4 winners earned their awards in the Exclusive ACES 2023 Reports

4 Leaders & Companies From Indonesia, Taiwan And Laos Win Big At ACES 2023​

Read how the 4 winners earned their awards in the Exclusive ACES 2023 Reports

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ACES 2023

Recognising Indonesian, Laos and Taiwan's Finest

The 10th edition of the esteemed ACES Awards took place on November 23, 2023, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This significant event marked the commendable accomplishments of Asia's foremost industrialists, corporations, and sustainability trailblazers, showcasing excellence in the region. As a beacon of distinction, the ACES Awards annually bestows recognition upon a select group of winners, further solidifying its standing as a highly sought-after accolade in the Asian business arena. Acknowledging outstanding contributions, the awards encompass categories such as Individual, Enterprise, and Sustainability, reflecting the diverse facets of excellence across Asia.

23rd November 2023
@ Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

The 4 Winners

Putut Ariwibowo-img

Putut Ariwibowo

President Director

PT Patra Jasa


Lao Telecommunication Public Company

Maxigen Biotech Inc.

CPC Corporation, Taiwan

Recognizing The Champions

Hear from Our Winners: What Winning the ACES Awards Means to Them

"Our goal is to make our consumers like our products, use our products and live a better life of using our products. We believe that using innovative technology to make effective, high quality and household products to consumers is the right strategy."

Jessica Tu

Maxigen Biotech Inc.

Asia's Leading SMEs


"Our contribution to nation is about Lao Telecom building infrastructure of telecommunication in Laos nationwide and also build the connectivity in the region, connect with neighbour country, move the traffic to other countries like from Thailand to China, to support the government direction for digital economy."

Alounadeth Barnchit 

Lao Telecommunication Public Company

Industry Champions of the Year


"We are now participating in zero emission, net zero emission in 2060 and now we are committing in several activities in promoting ESG, such as using our plant, trees to absorb the high volume of carbon dioxide and also we use non-CFC refrigerant to almost all our properties and hotels and also now we make used cooking oil into bio-fuel with Refinery Petrochemical Pertamina. That’s our differences. Thank you."

Putut Ariwibowo

PT Patra Jasa

Outstanding Leaders in Asia


"I should express myself to ACES for your recognition for CPC. We are so honoured to be the first winner to receive great trophy. It’s a very very great honour for us. This year’s program is about CPC Corporation, we help the disabled angles in gas stations. We developed their skills is guest servicing. We hope all our Slow-flying angels can develop their abilities of the common people. We also encourage all the customers who come to our gas stations to experience their services. You will find the angles can provide high quality service for you. Thank you."

Angela Kuan

CPC Corporation, Taiwan 

Top Community Centric Companies in Asia

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Read how the 4 winners earn their awards in the Exclusive ACES 2023 Reports

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