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Join the ranks of renowned business leaders, corporations, and brands from East Asia that have been recognised for their excellence and contributions towards the country’s growth.

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Nominate your company for the prestigious ACES Awards and showcase your leadership and sustainability achievements to a global audience. With a strong endorsement of trustworthiness and credibility, winning an ACES Award helps to accelerate your company’s growth and enhance your stature as a visionary leader in your industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your outstanding achievements and gain industry recognition.

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Why Nominate for East Asia

East Asia currently accounts for about 30% of the world’s economy, making it a region of global significance. Consisting of China, Japan, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and Mongolia, East Asia has been increasingly open to global investors interested in expanding their businesses there and is home to some of the best performing businesses worldwide. With industrialisation being its primary focus, East Asia has overcome developmental challenges and integrated drastic transformations that has enabled it to come out on top.

The ACES Awards is one of the most sought-after accolades in the region, and both small and large companies in East Asia will be able to leverage on this prestigious recognition to be placed alongside other top business leaders and corporations from across Asia. Winning an ACES Award will contribute towards reinforcing business credibility and stature within their respective industries, which will ultimately pave the way for enhanced business expansion. Moreover, the ACES Awards provides a platform for knowledge-sharing and networking that can be invaluable for businesses to regionally advance their operations and partnerships.

East Asia's Past Winners

Nominate your company for the prestigious ACES Awards and showcase your leadership and sustainability initiatives to a global audience. Join the ranks of renowned business leaders, corporations, and brands from across Asia who have been recognized for their excellence and contribution to the region’s growth.

What Past Winners Are Saying

The Aces Awards Process

Stage 1


The awards are open to all leaders and enterprises with a registered business address in Asia and are accepted on a rolling basis. A panel of experts, strategic partners and research team shortlists qualified candidates and places them onto the Merit List.

Stage 2

Preliminary Selection

Nomination forms are reviewed by the awards secretariat. All qualified submissions will be notified and prepared for the next phase of the evaluation process. Entries that do not meet the base criteria will be advised accordingly to allow for revised submission.

Stage 3

Audit & Interview

The award places equal importance on both qualitative and quantitative elements on the evaluation matrix. The awards secretariat will schedule a face-to-face interview or a telephone interview with all qualified individuals/teams to gain first hand information and a Q&A opportunity with nominees.

Stage 4

Governing Consensus

A comprehensive report entailing the inputs gained from the on-site or telephone interview, along with supporting documents provided will be presented to ACES Council for final selection. The ACES Awards are granted at the sole discretion of the awards ACES Awards who include market-driven, customer-centric business, academic and political leaders

Stage 5

Winners Confirmation

The outcome of the governing consensus is private and confidential, and individual results are notified to the respective nominees via phone call and email. The secretariat will prepare all winners with the necessary arrangements in attending the ACES Awards. The official winners list is only disclosed on the day of the official awards ceremony.

Stage 6


An exquisite black tie gala dinner and awards ceremony is held to confer the awards and celebrate the achievement of the respective winners. The event is held at a 5 star venue, and includes a media press conference, cocktail reception, main event and an after event party, promising a truly memorable and prestigious event.

The Trophy

A myth made real

Chiron the Centaur was the wisest and most just of all centaurs in Greek mythology. He was tutor and advisor to Greek heroes Eke Hercules, Achilles and Jason of the Argonauts. A master strategist, he was also a philosopher, and lover of the arts.

The ACES Award trophy was designed to encompass the attributes of Chiron, which are brought to life by the captains of industry we honor. Bespoke and handcrafted by master craftsmen of Malaysian heritage brand, Royal Selangor, the beautiful pewter trophy is as solid as an exemplary leader's conviction, as fluid as their strategies in challenging situation, and as steady as the will of a true game-changer. Produced in limited numbers, and copyrighted to the ACES Awards, Chiron is the trophy of all trophies, an aspirational legend gifted to a true achiever.

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This revered honour is bestowed upon an illustrious entrepreneur who has shown an extraordinary ability to communicate their vision to stakeholders and leads the company towards the status of a mega brand. The recipient of this award displays strong entrepreneurial passion, flair, perseverance, and stands out as a grand example of a remarkable entrepreneur.


This award recognises an entrepreneur who is 40 years or below and has shown exceptional business performance, having built a name for themselves regardless of boundaries that may come with age. He/she embodies fine values, strong beliefs and unwavering dedication in their entrepreneurial pursuit, thus serving as an inspiration for aspiring young leaders.


This award is presented to exemplary individuals leading mega businesses for a decade or more with the right attitude towards the business and the determination and grit to achieve success. These selected fews are led by their inner drive, embracing the concept of sustainability and new innovation to continuously grow the multimillion dollar business in terms of revenue, brand reach and resources maximisation.


This award is presented to exceptional leaders who have demonstrated sound leadership and successfully apply it to spearhead growth and prominence for the company. These individuals exhibit the ideal blend of business acumen, professionalism, entrepreneurial calibre and astuteness.


This award is presented to change makers with the grit, foresight and commitment to positively impact the communities they serve in. These selected few leaders reflect global diversity, creates definitive path for followers, innovate to promote public interest, and value authentic exchanges towards public- private cooperation.

Leading Technopreneurs in Asia

Technopreneurs harness the power of technology, combining social tools of the day and the Internet of Things to make a difference in the communities they operate in.

Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives ​

Top executives play an integral role in the day to day operations of an organization. Although the companies they lead are not personally founded or owned by them, these executives valiantly aspire to the founding tenements of the organization, leading it to higher place of business productivity and organization efficiency.

Innovative Tech Companies of the Year

This award recognizes companies that have shown significant technological innovation in their products, services or business. Winners in this category demonstrate a clear vision in their transformative approach to software and technology, showing that their tech innovations can lead to creation of new approaches and prospects in the world.


This award is presented to distinguished companies who are the worthy captains in their respective industries. The winning companies have a distinct competitive edge, set the industry trends, and have commendable best practices in place. Winners in this category have shown the ability to evolve the focus of their enterprises along with the dynamic changes of the industries they serve to sustain as market leaders. 

Note: Minimum annual turnover of US$300 Mil


The award honours resilient and forward thinking companies in Asia with strong influence over people, resources, and global interactions. These mega corporations are selected based on strength in revenue, profitability, total employees, innovativeness, brand influence in the marketplace, and adherence to corporate sustainability principles.

Note: Minimum annual turnover of US$200 Mil


The award recognises high performing enterprises that have shown tremendous growth in revenue and are on the path to becoming the future giant corporations of Asia. Winners of this category showcase steady revenue growth year on year with strong returns, and are focused on connecting to consumers in seizing business opportunities.

Note: Minimum annual turnover of US$80 Mil


The award recognises aspiring small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in Asia that express clear business direction with strong initiatives in driving growth for the enterprise. These enterprises have overcome significant hurdles with uncompromising ethics, and hold immense potential for future growth and job creation.

Note: Minimum annual turnover of US$2 Mil


The award recognises outstanding small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in Asia with a focus on growth and resilience. The winning SMEs have a sustainable business model, strong customer base, innovative product offering, growing revenue and profits, and the flexibility to respond to rapid changes in the industry and customer demand.

Note: Minimum annual turnover of US$10 Mil

Top Sustainability Advocates In Asia​

The award is presented to companies that lead various CSR initiatives integrated into its policies and operations, and has a high level of employee and top management involvement in the programs. The CSR initiative’s focus area includes community engagement, environment, and social empowerment. Ultimately, the Top Sustainability Advocates In Asia are companies with genuine interest in the wellbeing of all of its stakeholders.

Note: Highest ranked winner in this category will be conferred with the Asia’s Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year Award.


The award is bestowed upon companies that run their business operations yielding minimal negative impact on the environment, community, and society. The winning companies undertake environmentally friendly activities at all facets of the organisation to ensure that its processes, products, and production activities adequately address current environmental concerns while maintaining a profit.

Note: Highest ranked winner in this category will be conferred with the Asia’s Greenest Company of the Year Award.

Top Community Centric Companies in Asia​

The award is presented to companies who have enriched the communities through various outreach initiatives. These programs are envisioned by the company’s dedicated team and executed by a special committee and/or through partnerships with external independent bodies. Award recipients epitomise the mission and values of an organisation that cares for the community and demonstrate exemplary active citizenship in promoting the well being of society at large.

Note: Highest ranked winner in this category will be conferred with the Asia’s Community Care Company of the Year Award.


The award is presented to companies that take on a people centric approach and demonstrate strong commitment towards employee empowerment and enrichment. The winning companies show advocacy for investment in people, recognition and retention, improving employee’s job satisfaction, practices fair communication, and promote work life balance. The awarded companies fare low attrition rate, house a great pool of  talents, and have a practice of knowledge sharing among employees and stakeholders.

Note: Highest ranked winner in this category will be conferred with the Asia’s Best Workplace of the Year Award.


This award is bestowed upon organizations, whom in the jury’s opinion, showcases exemplary innovation in sustainability, where initiatives championed may include elements of reducing the environmental impact of products, improving resource efficiency and/or the use of alternate technologies and processes.


This award recognises outstanding achievements in promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, with initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut energy consumption, advance energy efficiency or improve air quality, beyond standard regulatory compliance. Winners of this award show potential to embrace innovative solutions for environment conservation.


This award is presented to organisations that are creating new pathways and pilot a change of course through grassroot sustainable initiatives. The winner demonstrates commitment to sustainable development by actioning diverse solutions to sustainability challenges faced in their settings.


The award honours Small & Medium enterprises that are not only financially successful, but have proved to be socially responsible and ethical in doing business as well. Winners in this category have demonstrated substantial efforts towards the development of the community, preservation of the environment, and have in place HR policies and practices that promotes the wellbeing of its employees. These organisations take upon the concept of CR in a fair manner, regardless of its financial limitation if any.

Community Initiative Award

This accolade is conferred upon organizations that lead programs and initiatives that contribute significantly to communal causes. These projects are executed by the organization with clear objectives at hand focused on the development of the communities at large.

Community Collaboration Award​

This award aims to recognize effective and productive relationships with external stakeholders to meet social development objectives. These initiatives highlight the significance of forming long term relationships and commitments, creating direct economic and development opportunities for the communities involved.

About Hemant

Hemant K. Batra, recipient of the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Seva Medal, is an International Corporate, Business & Strategist Commercial Lawyer with more than 22 years of diverse experience; his practice is concentrated across the globe. He is a connoisseur of International Business Law, Cross Border Investment Policy & Procedures, Commercial and Transactional Law, and Corporate Law. He also has expertise in the matters pertaining to Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery compliances and enforcements in context of FCPA and related provisions in India and Legal Auditing.

He has advised large multinational corporations including amongst other Bayer AG, Suzuki, LG, Philip Morris (JV), Coca Cola, Accor, Findel, AMEX, Western Union, ABB, Knight Frank, etc. He has worked closely with various former Chief Justices of India and elsewhere as well as Senior Counsels, Political Spokespersons and Members of Parliament.

Apart from being a lawyer, Hemant is also a socio-political activist and is fond of writing. On several occasions, he has been interviewed and covered by leading TV channels, periodicals, news-papers and magazines such as CNBC, India Today, Outlook, Business Standard, Hindustan Times, The HT Mint, The Tribune, The Financial Express, The Pioneer, etc. for his literary contributions.

About Dr. jayanthi

Jayanthi has wide experience in the area of sustainability and governance. She has worked extensively with governmental agencies, corporations and non- profit organisations. She is published in the area and is regularly invited to conferences both domestically and internationally.

She was previously the Executive Director of the Malaysian Centre of Regulatory Studies, University Malaya. As an experienced trainer, she has also conducted training and provided lectures for institutions across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, in various sustainability and community investment areas. She is an Independent Non-Executive Director of one of Malaysia’s largest diversified conglomerates. She is also a board member of several foundations that work in community intervention programmes.

Jayanthi has a PhD in the area of standards of corporate responsibility from Queen Mary, University of London. Jayanthi’s work is fueled by her belief in ‘business for good’ and how every business needs to invest in social and environmental capital in order to build economic capital successfully.

About James

A Harvard graduate with over 20 years of industry experience, James John Ku is an FDI consultant specializing in economic and industrial development. His recent projects include managing the State of North Carolina China office for investment promotion, team leader for the technical team assigned to develop a business plan for a World Bank funded Industrial Park in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

James has also been the chief head in drafting the Federal Investment Policy for the Board of Investment of Pakistan. He has advised the Government of Pakistan on the pending Special Economic Zones Act and drafted the Special Economic Zones Regulations.

About luis

Throughout a career of over 20 years, Luis has occupied numerous directive positions in different industries and in various countries. From being a CEO in Ecologistics, an energy efficiency services company based in London, to being a Director of Talent Development in finance company in New York until arriving to Spain in 2008 where one of his distinctive last projects was to be the of Ambassador of Corporate Social Responsibility for Leroy Merlin Spain. Luis together with the Ministry of Education of the Spanish government worked on the integration of university students in the latter company, helping them to develop their skills and business leadership.

Luis has been residing in Moscow since 2013 and is responsible for the direction of new strategic markets in Leroy Merlin Russia. A serial entrepreneur and a thought leader, Luis has delivered keynotes on management and leadership development for corporations over the last 10 years. One of his great passions is to encourage motivation and team development.

About shanggari

Shanggari brings with herself over 10 years of experience in the Asian business market with extensive know how in market development, branding, and program management. Under her leadership, she has positioned MORS Group as a high brand value organisation dedicated in delivering premier services to stakeholders; resulting in greater partnering, collaboration and innovation attuned to market demand.

Prior to joining MORS Group, she held a senior role in a non-governmental organisation promoting entrepreneurship development across the Asian region. Throughout her career, Shanggari has met and built working relationships with over 600 CEOs, heads of state, and investors across the globe.

Shanggari holds profound the vision and mission of MORS Group and has been instrumental in directing the organisation towards achieving its deepest hope; building a sustainable Asia. Her leadership capabilities in engaging top management ensure all stakeholder expectations are met. Shanggari has earned a masters degree in management information systems from Coventry University, and currently resides in Kuala Lumpur.