Awards Celebration
& Media Program

Awards Celebration & Media Program

Winning the ACES Awards is a powerful testament of excellence. To help winners capitalize on that, the organizers have crafted a high impact program with promotional activities involving local and international media covering the event, paired with digital marketing strategies. These activities and platforms include (but not limited to):

  1. An exclusive awards ceremony in a five-star venue; winners and their guests will be invited to attend the grand event to receive their awards in the presence of their peers, Business leaders and representatives of various corporations from across Asia.
  2. Winners will be given access to have their profile featured in “The Beacons™”, which is published in conjunction with the awards, as platform to showcase their achievement and legacy to an Asia wide following.
  3. Access to unparalleled networking opportunities during exclusive networking luncheon, cocktail reception and after party events, with renown business leaders representing some of the biggest corporations and organizations globally.
  4. Exclusive media coverage; winners have access and options, to be featured in some of Asia’s leading media agencies & brands, to showcase their success and achievement via exclusively crafted editorials, press release and advertisements spaces. Access ranges from traditional print to online based media platforms.
  5. Exclusive rights to use the ACES Logo will also be granted to winners, for the added advantage in branding and marketing.

All winners will be required to participate in the Awards Celebration & Media Program. The program is designed to bring winners significant value in showcasing stories of corporate excellence to the world stage. Participation in the event and media engagement activities however will not influence the judging and decisions made during evaluations, as winners selection are strictly based on merits. Should you require an estimate on the program cost for budget planning purposes, do inquire with the ACES Secretariat.


This award recognises an entrepreneur who is 40 years or below and has shown exceptional business performance, having built a name for themselves regardless of boundaries that may come with age. He/she embodies fine values, strong beliefs and unwavering dedication in their entrepreneurial pursuit, thus serving as an inspiration for aspiring young leaders.