Actioning ASEAN’s ESG: A Vision for Sustainable Progress


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The ACES Summit 2023

The Summit is brought to you by The ACES Institute and Aubrens, scheduled for the 23 November 2023. The summit provides a unique platform for business leaders, sustainability advocates and thought leaders to explore, debate strategies for transformative actions to achieve an equitable, resilient and sustainable future for our generations to come.


Insights From Industry Leading CEOs

Gain valuable insights from thought leaders and experts on pivoting business towards a sustainability growth agenda

Roundtable For Executives

Focused roundtable sessions for C-levels, MDs, HODs as they debate and explore ways to accelerate sustainability agendas

Build New Connections With Stakeholders

Shape the future of business through opportunities for new connections and partnerships, leading to potential collaborations between companies

Networking Opportunities with Peers and Experts

Connect with like-minded peers and learn from sustainability experts

Thought Leaders Perspectives

Hear what progress has been made, risks, latest regulations and requirements towards transitioning to an equitable economy

Actioning ASEAN's ESG: A Vision for Sustainable Progress


ASEAN is a region with diverse geography and economic conditions as well as varying ESG readiness. By prioritising impactful ESG solutions, we can address ASEAN’s pressing challenges, including climate change, income inequality, and corruption. Thereafter, ASEAN can build a more sustainable and inclusive future for its people, driven by changes enacted by public and private corporations alike.

Our Goal

To develop a common effective strategy to drive the sustainability agenda in ASEAN

by facilitating cross-industry and cross-country collaborations, thus enabling the development of new innovation and technology, as well as flexible financing structures

by initiating collaborative pilot projects, the exploration of new business models and the development of new financing structures suited to ASEAN’s context

by actively participating in discussions and inspiring exchange of knowledge that spur transformative actions

Our Approach

Setting the stage by introducing high-impact ESG solutions for the Asia context

Provide a brief overview of the opportunities involved in driving the sustainability agenda in ASEAN

Focused on solutions to challenges companies faced in driving sustainability transformation

Ignite meaningful cross-country and same-industry discussions on different sustainability-related topics (eg: Circular Economy, Sustainable Financing etc), focusing on addressing the challenges involved and developing potential collaborations and knowledge transfer


8.30am          Registration & Morning Coffee
9.30am          Welcome & Insights Keynote
Catalyzing Impactful Change Beyond Disclosures

Highlighting the obstacles and challenges encountered by ASEAN companies in paving the way for ESG Transformation, the session looks at environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices that transcends the mere requirements for disclosure, compliance and ratings. It emphasizes the need for innovative ESG solutions that drive progress and move the needle, transitioning beyond regulatory compliance and ratings. 

Introduction to the concept of trade-offs and inspiring companies to make conscious choices that prioritize significant impacts

10.00am          Panel  Discussion                                             

Key Enablers for Sustainability Transformation

The panel focuses on the different approaches taken by different industries in driving sustainability transformation and purpose-driven business management. Hear from the advocates the different actions taken, including current status, and opportunities to facilitate sustainability transformation in ASEAN countries. The success factors and enablers are key to sustainability transformation which creates business opportunities.

11.00am          Coffee Break    

11.15am – 12.30pm       Roundtable Breakout Discussions


Technology and Innovation

Roundtable One – Circular Business Models

The discussion focuses on product circularity and circular economy technologies including decarbonisation techniques. Circularity is more than just use, reuse, recycling, but in actual integrate Circular economy into the core business models.How can businesses transform their models to a circular economy? How can we adopt the third principle of the Circular Economy to shift focus to an economy that regenerates nature? How does all this impact biodiversity-friendly sourcing efforts? 


 Roundtable Two – Reinventing Supply Chain Decarbonisation

The discussion focuses on actions taken to decarbonise the supply chain (eg: sustainable sourcing & procurement), including discussion on hurdles and barriers, exchange knowledge on successful strategies and best practices, What is the role of innovative technology, in tracking and reducing carbon footprints in the supply chains? The session is to enable meaningful discussions on supply chain decarbonisation technologies, leading to potential collaborations between companies 


Financing and investments

Roundtable Three – Climate Financing For Positive Change

The discussion focuses on new and innovative financing structures suited to the ASEAN context (eg: blended finance, sustainable financing) to be channeled towards climate mitigation projects, in addition to de-risking mechanisms.Session also involve debating of solutions to challenges in securing climate financing and opportunities for scaling up investments, and exploring the role of the private sector in climate financing.  


Roundtable Four – Navigating Impact Investing In Asia

The discussion focuses on new and innovative financing structures (eg: blended finance) to be channeled towards not only climate, but also community investment and social impact projects, in addition to discussions on de-risking mechanisms, ultimately leading to mobilisation of updated financing structures by the private, public and sector. Discussion of different impact investment strategies and approaches relevant to the Asian context, including challenges and opportunities for impact investing in Asia, and the regulatory considerations. 



Human Capital


Roundtable Five – Future of Social & Community Impact

The discussion focuses on new and innovative approaches towards community investment, including role of partnerships, measurement of impact and scaling up successful programs, as well as uplifting talent to drive the sustainability agenda. Also consider the influence of government policies and regulations on the future of social and community impact. 


12.30pm – 1.00pm       Sharing of Outcomes from Roundtable

1.00pm       Networking Lunch

1.10pm       Press Conference from Aubrens, for Media only


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The Summit is brought to you by The ACES Institute and Aubrens, scheduled for the 23 November 2023. The summit provides a unique platform for business leaders, sustainability advocates and thought leaders to explore, debate strategies for transformative actions to achieve an equitable, resilient and sustainable future for our generations to come.


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Mandarin Oriental is located between the flowering gardens of the KLCC Park and the dramatic heights of the Petronas Twin Towers, offering impressive views and within easy reach of all that the city has to offer. Apart from being a world class venue, Mandarin Oriental is also known for its corporate responsibility undertakings. ‘Acting with responsibility’, is their guiding principle and deeply ingrained within their culture and operations, including being a plastic free hotel, and responsible procurement to cover key categories of seafood, coffee, tea, vanilla, cocoa and cage-free eggs, in their efforts towards minimising environment impacts.

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