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Telkom Won The Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards 2016

Jakarta Globe, Indonesia

PT. Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) was awarded as the Top Companies to Work For in Asia in the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards 2016 (ACES). ACES is an event organized by Mors Group and given to companies and individuals in Asia in two domains, namely leadership and corporate social responsibility.

The award was given by CEO Mors Group, Shanggari Balakrishnan, to the Director of Human Capital Management Telkom, Herdy Harman at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, Thursday (17/8).

The award is regarded as recognition to Telkom which demonstrated a strong commitment to the empowerment and development of its employes through a people-centric approach. This is evidenced by the company's full support to the programs of investment in human resources from the recognition and retention, increase employee job satisfaction, communication practices are fair and transparent as well as work life balance.

Telkom is also recognized for its support to the management talent pool of successful and continually turn the development of employee knowledge through knowledge sharing forums. "As a digital telecommunications company, Telkom always planning the human resources development needs to meet the expectations of stakeholders. We recognize that effective human capital practices have become an important part in the transformation of the organization and improve its performance, "said Harman Herdy

The seriousness of people-centric approach in the management of human resources is shown from the process of recruitment, competency development, until the retirement paradigm of fun, love, and care so as to motivate employees to always be the best.

"We had a Great People Trainee Program (GPTP), Great People Development Program (GPDP), Great People Scholarship Program (GPSP), Great People Managerial Program (GPMP) and Great People Retirement Program (GPRP) which indicates that human resources are the motor principal in the company and should be considered properly, not just technology, "said Herdy Harman.

Herdy added, Telkom is also a great opportunity for all employees to participate in extracurricular activities that can channel the interests and talents of employees through the Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP). Its scope is very broad, ranging fields of social, religious, cultural, and sports. The activity was appreciated by assessment (scoring) on a corporate career management system that contributes to the success of an employee's career.

ACES Award in 2016 followed by approximately 185 companies in Asia. Through this event, it is expected the company and its leaders continue to share their advantage to learn and exchange new ideas with other employees. ACES Award 2016 is expected to encourage Telkom to continue to contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of Indonesian human resources at the international level.

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