ACES Awards

Showcasing Asia's finest responsible corporate leaders

A nation's growth, sustainability, and pride begins with you! Once every year, we search, honor, and celebrate the best of best individuals and companies across all of Asia! Industry titans, corporate heroes, advocates of planet and people: if we have not turned every brick to find you, lead us for we believe there are winners amongst us all. This 2019, September, Bangkok Thailand; an occasion to remember.



Entrepreneur of the Year / Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

This revered honor is bestowed upon an illustrious entrepreneur who has shown an extraordinary ability to communicate their vision to stakeholders and leads the company towards the status of a mega brand. The recipient of this award displays strong entrepreneurial passion, flair, perseverance, and stands out as a grand example of a remarkable entrepreneur.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

This award recognizes an entrepreneur who is 40 years or below and has shown exceptional business performance, having built a name for themselves regardless of boundaries that may come with age. He/she embodies fine values, strong beliefs and unwavering dedication in their entrepreneurial pursuit, thus serving as an inspiration for aspiring young leaders.

Eminent Leaders in Asia

 This award is presented to exemplary individuals leading mega businesses for a decade or more with the right attitude towards the business and the determination and grit to achieve success. These select few are led by their inner drive, embracing the concept of sustainability and new innovation to continuously grow the multimillion dollar business in terms of revenue, brand reach and resources maximisation.

Outstanding Leaders in Asia

This award is presented to exceptional leaders who have demonstrated sound leadership and successfully apply it to spearhead growth and prominence for the company. These individuals exhibits the ideal blend of business acumen, professionalism, entrepreneurial caliber and astuteness.


Industry Champions of the Year

This award is presented to distinguished companies who are the worthy captains in their respective industries. The winning companies have a distinct competitive edge, set the industry trends, and have commendable best practices in place. Winners in this category have shown the ability to evolve the focus of their enterprises along with the dynamic changes of the industries they serve.

Asia's Best Startups of the Year

This award honors scalable startups that bring innovative product, service, or process to the marketplace with a steady consumer engagement strategy. Recipients of the title are selected based on overall user count, strength in funding to upscale market capitalization, and dominance as the next big thing to look out for in Asia.

Asia's Most Influential Companies

 The award honors resilient and forward thinking companies in Asia with strong influence over people, resources, and global interactions. These mega corporations are selected based on strength in revenue, profitability, total employees, innovativeness, brand influence in the marketplace, and adherence to corporate sustainability principles.

Asia's Best Performing Companies

 The award recognizes high performing enterprises that have shown tremendous growth in revenue and are on the path to becoming the future giant corporations of Asia. Winners of this category showcase steady revenue growth year on year with strong returns, and are focused on connecting to consumers in seizing business opportunities.

Asia's Leading SMEs

 The award recognizes outstanding small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in Asia with a focus on growth and resilience. The winning SMEs have a sustainable business model, strong customer base, innovative product offering, growing revenue and profits, and the flexibility to respond to rapid changes in the industry and customer demand.

Asia's Most Promising SMEs

 The award recognizes aspiring small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in Asia that express clear business direction with strong initiatives in driving growth for the enterprise. These enterprises have overcome significant hurdles with uncompromising ethics, and hold immense potential for future growth and job creation.


For reference on qualifying criteria requirements, refer here


Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year

This honor is presented to a company with the most commendable efforts in championing sustainable responsible business. The recipient adopts an ethical and holistic approach to profit, planet, and people. The winning company takes on a visible role in the society which goes beyond the core business and law requirements, is well reflected in the company’s policies and operations, and ultimately adds value for the company and the society at large.

Green Company of the Year / Community Care Company of the Year / Best Workplace of the Year

The award is presented to a company leading a significant CSR campaign with a relevant mission, is innovative, inspires and best achieves its objectives. Parameters for the winning campaign include the ability of the campaign to engage the public, generate positive brand communication, be creative in execution, methodological approach to results measurement, and campaign’s continuity.

Top CSR Advocates in Asia

The award is presented to companies that lead various CSR initiatives integrated into its policies and operations, and has a high level of employee and top management involvement in the programs. The CSR initiative’s focus area includes community engagement, environment, and social empowerment. Ultimately, the top CSR advocates are companies with genuine interest in the wellbeing of all of its stakeholders. 

Top Green Companies in Asia

The award is bestowed upon companies that run their business operations yielding minimal negative impact on the environment, community, and society. The winning companies undertake environmentally friendly activities at all facets of the organization to ensure that its processes, products, and production activities adequately address current environmental concerns while maintaining a profit.

Top Community Care Companies in Asia

The award is presented to companies who have enriched the communities through various outreach initiatives. These programs are envisioned by the company’s dedicated team and executed by a special committee and/or through partnerships with external independent bodies.  Award recipients epitomize the mission and values of an organization that cares for the community and demonstrate exemplary active citizenship in promoting the well being of society at large.

Top Workplaces in Asia

The award is presented to companies that take on a people centric approach and demonstrate strong commitment towards employee empowerment and enrichment. The winning companies show advocacy for investment in people, recognition and retention, improving employee’s job satisfaction, practices fair communication, and promote work life balance. The awarded companies fares low attrition rate, houses a great pool of talents, and have a practice of knowledge sharing among employees and stakeholders.

Responsible SMEs in Asia

The award honors Small & Medium enterprises that are not only financially successful, but have proved to be socially responsible and ethical in doing business as well. Winners in this category have demonstrated substantial efforts towards the development of the community, preservation of the environment, and have in place HR policies and practises that promotes the wellbeing of its employees. These organizations take upon the concept of CR in a fair manner, regardless of its financial limitation if any.

The ACES Awards are granted at the sole discretion of the awards Panel of Juries who include market-driven, customer-centric business, academic and political leaders. In the event that the Panel of Jury decides that there is no worthy achiever in any category, the particular category may not be awarded.


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